What Are The Benefits Of Using Us?

We're looking at another 2% rise this year. ? Nicky Lala-Mohan, Credit Ombud warned that the country faces a 2% rise in interest rates for 2016. This will negatively affect ALL consumers and force thousands to apply for Debt Review or simply lose their assets. 

As the drought and economic outlook worsens, it's becoming more essential to start saving. -Chief economist, Old Mutual Investment Group.   Read More..


  • Pay one monthly instalment, worked out according to what you can afford.
  • Be able to pay for living expenses without having to worry about debt.
  • Credit providers are only allowed to deal with us, so less stress on you.
  • You will not get blacklisted as you are fully protected by the NCA.
  • Our clients enjoy full legal protection from our panel of experienced attorneys.


As a trusted company in the Debt Counselling industry, we have been approached by these media companies to give financial advise.